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Welcome to the world of designer Camille Templier, who talks about the history of her brand, her influences and Paris.


Why did you embark on such an adventure?

To be free! I wanted to make a living from my ideas, and I always knew that one day I'd set up my own business. I was passionate about sewing, so I chose to turn that passion into my profession! Looking back over the past 10 years, I realize that it was far from obvious, yet it was a no-brainer for me.

How did you get into design?

After business school, I worked for 5 years in marketing in the luxury goods industry. At the same time, I loved designing and sewing the clothes I wore to the office during the week. As they were quite successful, the idea naturally came to me to have my creations made by seamstresses. First I met Gisèle, a young retiree from the Lanvin workshops, then others joined her. With them, I learned the trade of pattern-making and styling. The first collection in March 2012 sold out in just a few weeks. Then the adventure really began!

Who makes the collections today?

Our seamstresses, the same ones since the beginning. To support them and keep up with demand, I also call on family-run workshops, always in France. We have a very artisanal production process and a real relationship of trust with each of them. Our knitwear is made in a knitting mill in Normandy. Many of our suppliers have the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label.


Where do fabrics come from?

I still hunt for materials from the stocks of the big houses. I've always fully embraced the idea of making limited editions and selling my customers clothes that they won't find on everyone else. For larger series, we work more and more with French and Spanish suppliers. Most of our materials are natural (cotton, linen, viscose, wool...).

Why did you choose the Internet?

Manufacturing in Paris, with materials of this quality, is very expensive. But with no middleman and no physical boutique, we can keep our costs under control and offer our creations at reasonable prices. In fact, we don't have any sales.

What makes you different?

We're a real couture e-house! Our customers often write to tell us how happy they are to have received such a high-quality piece. A garment that has passed through the hands of a seamstress doesn't have the same feel as one that comes out of a factory. It takes an average of 2h30 per piece! It's this special care that sets us apart.

House style?

Very feminine, timeless but always with a couture detail. That's what I call "classic chic with a twist"! The priority is to enhance the silhouette and give confidence to the woman wearing the garment.

How does the idea for a garment come about?

I create what I want to wear. The spirit of the collections is intimately linked to my personal style. I start each collection by asking myself what I'd like to have in my wardrobe next season. And to come up with an idea, I walk in the Luxembourg Gardens or along the banks of the Seine... Parisians are inspiring, and I always carry my sketchbook with me, just in case!

Why did l'Atelier de Camille become Atelier Camille?

It's a natural evolution of my small business. For the first 5 years, I worked alone. Today, I have a team behind me, and even though we're still a small, highly artisanal business, the workshop where I used to receive my customers has become a brand. This name suits it better.

Your motto?

"Choose a job you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life", says Confucius.

Your favorite color?

I have 2: black and white, sometimes together, often separately. It's chic and timeless, everything I love.

Paris and you?

It's forever! I was born and raised in Paris. Yet I'm still as amazed as ever, a true tourist. At weekends, I'm out in the countryside with my family. And I only cycle during the day, which makes everything so much easier!

The birth of a model

It all starts with a desire, an idea, a drawing... After research, Camille selects the fabrics and makes her patterns by hand. One of the seamstresses then assembles the first prototype. This is tried on, then retouched and the pattern reworked until the garment fits perfectly. Once the pattern has been validated, it is "graded", i.e. adapted to all sizes. Mass production of the model is entrusted to the seamstress or workshop best able to make it. The choice is made according to quantities, materials and finishes, as each has its own expertise. Finally, all finished pieces are checked, labeled and folded in our Paris offices in the 6th arrondissement. Each order is then dispatched by us.

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